Welcome to the first computer museum in Crete.

Get ready for a journey through time, discover all the machines of our museum from the first computers and the beginning of Arcade and video games. Learn about the evolution of technology and take part by interacting with our fully functional exhibits.

RAM Rulers

The first interactive computer museum in Crete.

The visit to the museum takes on other dimensions. It’s time for you to experience something new. For a start, explore all 3 levels of our museum, where you will find computers and gaming machines from 1972. After you “discover” all the machines in the museum, we invite you to interact with them.

μουσείο πληροφορικής, arcade game


our exhibits are functional and you can play with them?

You see, what makes our museum so special is that all its exhibits are fully functional. This is where the magic begins! Get ready for a hands-on experience. In the RAM RULERS museum, you can load a game from a cassette or floppy disk. Follow the evolution of technology and “pass” to the supercomputers of the time, with the advanced graphical environment and the enormous computing power.

Change floor to see and play with all generations of gaming machines, such as Atari, Sega Master System and Nintendo Gameboy. And of course, do not forget to play on the Arcade cabin, with the huge variety of games, and drive the G29 on Playstation 4.

Experience the evolution of technology in the computer and gaming museum!

Go through all the stages of technology development, interacting with machines from the ‘80s until today. Read computer magazines in the study corner and play in one of the countless Arcade cabin games!

Ram Rulers - Μουσείο Πληροφορικής


Start by loading a game from a cassette, proceed by loading a game from a floppy disk and get to the supercomputers of the past and the present.
Ram Rulers - Μουσείο Πληροφορικής


In the study corner you will find computer magazines from the first issue of release and you will be informed about the new releases of each decade.
Ram Rulers - Μουσείο Πληροφορικής


Start by playing on the Sega Master System or the Atari 2600 and reach the present day by driving the G29 on Playstation 4.
Ram Rulers - Μουσείο Πληροφορικής


One Arcade cabin with countless games to choose from. Choose a game, become the master surpassing the high score and see your name at the top of the list.


Our museum’s permanent collection includes exhibits that cover the entire evolution of computers from 1980 to the present day. Discover a complete collection of video game consoles from the beginning of the gaming era and travel back to the 80’s playing games on the Arcade.


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